A story and guide to watching Dance Kecak Uluwatu Bali

A place to watch Kecak dance in Uluwatu when Sunset arrives.
Why should you watch the Kecak dance what makes a perfect look?
Kecak Dance tells the story of Ramayana Legend of Life and loves with Ramasita which was lifted with so beautiful Kecak dance story wherever the Kecak dance in the show the story is as good as in Uluwatu, in Ubud or where Aja in the oldest in Bali.

Kecak Uluwatu or Kecak dance has unique music or tone where the dance is accompanied by the human voice and the sound of tinkling combined with a sound that comes out of the sound of fifty people even more constantly.

The Kecak dance is usually referred to as Cak or fire dance derived from the Sanghyang ritual. The Ritual of Hyang is a dance mixed with traditions in which the dancers will be in an unconscious condition.
This dance is one of the sacred dances for the local community because the dance is usually shown to be a matter of concern or trans-possession.

The Trans-possession is an attempt to communicate with the Hyang or the one through the spirits of the ancestors and then convey His hopes to the local community or give good news or warnings to the community.

Kecak Uluwatu Bali Dance Guide
Here are some things you need to know before watching Uluwatu Kecak dance

  1. Coming before 4 pm
    Like most visitors or other travelers, running out of tickets is indeed the biggest factor in the failure of someone watching Kecak Uluwatu. To avoid this, it’s good to come early before the ticket counter is opened. Usually, the ticket counter is opened at 17.00 WITA and the queue is quite crowded. Therefore, coming and stand by 4 pm is the right time.
  2. Using Special Fabrics
    When you visit Uluwatu temple which is the location of Kecak dance, we will see a large box containing two types of cloth, colored purple and yellow (or orange).

As a visitor to the Uluwatu temple, we are required to use this cloth when entering the site. Do not forget to wear it well. The purple color is reserved for those using shorts or short skirts. The yellow or orange cloth is intended for those who use long pants or skirts.

  1. Storing valuables
    When visiting Uluwatu Temple, you’ll often hear announcements to keep valuables. Actually for what the heck?

The answer is no other and not is to avoid ourselves from the distractions of the monkeys around the area of the Uluwatu temple. Yes, these monkeys like shiny stuff and look expensive like jewelry, gadgets, and even glasses. And one thing you need to know, these monkeys are very intelligent. So if you think you’re keeping your goods with good help, you’d better think again.

  1. Two Entrances
    Some things do not seem to be known by the visitors to Uluwatu temple, especially for those who want to go watch the Kecak Uluwatu dance. One of them is the entrance.

Most of us, who go alone and just first set foot at Uluwatu Temple, will be directed to the door north of the temple which is on the right side of the parking lot. If your goal is to watch the Kecak Uluwatu dance, you can go straight to the south entrance. The lane at this door is closer to the Kecak and the ticket counter. The path is also safer than monkeys.

  1. The right time to find a seat
    While watching the Kecak Uluwatu dance, the right position to see the sunset with the best angle of the photograph is certainly in the stand of the audience that is not too front. To get this position, of course, don’t be too near the time of coming with the show. Just the information, the dance will start at 18.00 WITA, so it comes 30 minutes before the event starts will be very helpful.





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