What makes a Tourist attraction to come to Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park, also known as Bali Safari & Marine Park (BSMP)/Taman Safari 3 is a tourist attraction with various beauty that is interesting for you to visit to add more insight about animals.

Tourist attractions Bali Safari Park become a favorite tourist destination for families who are on vacation to the island of Bali. This place is perfect to visit with your family, friends, and your spouse.

The tourist site that presents the charm of natural beauty and animal conservation is managed by Taman Safari Indonesia, so it is one of the best Safari Park in Indonesia.

Bali Safari and Marine Park tourism location
Bali Safari Park Tourism address is located at Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Ds. Serongga, Kec. Ubud, Kab. In Gianyar, Prov. Bali.

It is quite easy to find the tourist site of Bali Safari Park, but if you are still confused can also use the Google Maps app to make it easier for you to get to the location.

Bali Safari Park is one of the tourist attractions in Bali, which is always crowded with tourists both on weekdays, holidays, and weekends. The beauty of natural attractions and animal conservation can give a different sensation to the activities we do every day.

Tourist attraction Bali Safari Park
Taman Safari Indonesia is the organizer of the tourist attractions of Bali Safari and Marine Park. They are experts and already famous in the field of animal conservation, and as well as animal performances, organizing the exhibition.

Taman Safari Indonesia has more than 20 years of experience is expected to make Bali Safari Park as the best Safari Park in Indonesia.

In Bali Safari Park, there are a variety of rare animals that come from three countries: Africa, India, and Indonesia. There are 60 species and 400 animals from Indonesia, ranging from white Starling, Tapir, crocodile, pig, deer, Sumatran tiger, and Owl.

There are also some species of animals from India including Black Buck, Himalayan Bear, Nilgai, and spotted deer. Nor forget any species of animals from Africa, such as Blue Wildebeest, Ostrich, Zebra, Babbon, Lion, and hippopotamus.

You can also visit Bali Safari Park with your family and enjoy the various shows. In addition to animal performances, visitors will also be given the knowledge of animals on the Hanuman stage.

It is not until there, tourists can also stay in the Elephant village and enjoy the treats of elephant attractions, elephant rides, enter the Elephant Museum, and enjoy the variety of culinary at the elephant stalls.

You can also see elephant bathing attraction in Ganesha Park. A garden with a 9 meter tall Ganesha sculpture and an entrance to the Bali Theater.

The location of the holy water Bathhouse called Tirta Sulasih is also here. You can shop for Balinese handicraft and souvenir in the form of animal-cute animals You can also do in the shopping area Peken Bali.

Things to do in Bali Safari Park
Many exciting tourist activities can be done at Bali Safari Park. You can invite your family to visit Bali Safari Park and enjoy the fun activities in this place.

  1. See animals using the Tram
    This safari park is different from Taman Safari in Bogor or Perigen, you can browse the various animals using the Tram in Bali Safari Park. Touring the safari park using the tram gives its sensation.

The atmosphere of the jungle is very felt in Bali Safari Park, especially with the tram design in such away. Along the way, a safari guide will accompany and explain the types of animals we encounter.

Bali Safari is divided into several area zones that will be surrounded by trams, namely the zones of Asia, Africa, and America.

  1. Enjoy an exciting animal performance
    Visitors can not only go around and see the animals, and also will be served with a variety of interesting and educational wildlife attractions, such as tiger performances, elephants, as well as a funny and clever orangutan.

Comfort you can enjoy when watching animal performances because the place is designed and styled in such a way to support the comfort of visitors.

  1. Enjoy a Sendratari show at Bali Agung Show
    After getting tired of Bali Safari & Marine Park, visitors can also do other tourist activities, by watching art performances at Bali Agung Show.

Bali Agung Show is the venue for a ballet performance typical of Bali with a magnificent and artistic stage that is very in the waiting for visitors.

The event at Bali Agung Show will usually start at 14.30 with the duration of the show for 1 hour. If you want to watch the Bali Agung Show, make sure to buy Safari Legend tickets.

  1. Enjoy the culinary with the lion
    There is one unique activity that you can do in Bali Safari Park and you have to try it, that is to enjoy the culinary dish with ‘ the King Rimba ‘. This unique restaurant is called Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you will be able to feel its sensation when eating a meal together with the lion.

The lion will be behind a transparent glass designed in such a way that it feels close to the visitors of the restaurant.

But you do have to spend a bit on pay because the average price of the food menu in this place is relatively expensive. But comparable Kok with facilities, sensations, and flavors that you can enjoy.

  1. Animal Feeding
    Feeding animals or animal feeding is another interesting tourism activity that you can enjoy in Bali Safari Park. One of the favorite animals in this place that you can feed is an elephant.

But you should not give any food, tourists should buy a meal package at the special counter for Rp 50,000,-

  1. Water play in the Waterpark and Fun Zone
    Waterpark and Fun Zone is a water tourism place where it is located inside Bali Safari Park. This place does provide a variety of fun rides games that you can enjoy with the family.
  2. Enjoy a thrilling sensation in Bali Night Safari
    Bali Safari Park is also provided with various kinds of unique activities that are not found in other Safari parks in Indonesia. It is by walking around by night cars (Night Safari Bali). Visitors can also feed lions or tigers with fresh meat from behind the car through an interspersed guide intermediary.
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