White sand and beautiful The Kuta Bali Beach recognized by the world

Kuta Beach Bali also the main destination of local tourists as well as foreign tourists because this beach has been internationally recognized for the beauty and charm of the tourists.

The first beauty of Kuta beach is already very familiar. From 1970 it was crowded visited by tourists. Before this beach was known for its tourist destination and was very popular, this Kuta beach became a trading port to trade both local and outer people who came from the continent of Europe.

The white sand and the beautiful landscape is an attraction for tourists to come to Kuta Beach Bali. The beach is very well known for its waves, but the surf is not too big so it is great to do some surfing for beginners.

A very exotic Sunset on the beach is known to be very beautiful. The white sand is overlaid and the ocean waves are not large and the color of the sky has a reddish color, that’s a very beautiful nature painting on Kuta beach Bali.

Kuta Beach is very easy to reach the place
With a strategic location and easy to reach by tourists, this beach is located in the south of Denpasar. From Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached within 15 minutes.

It is located directly facing the Dutch Indian Ocean so this beach has very beautiful scenery.

Attractions such as Legian Beach and Seminyak beach are also close to this beach. Then Kuta Beach is never quiet from visitors because of its strategic location.

Here’s how to get to Kuta beach
To get to Kuta beach It is very easy to go through the vehicle, either take a taxi, motorcycle, or private vehicle. For those of you who use Bus transportation, you are required down in central Kuta parking and you can proceed by using the shuttle to the destination.

To make it easy to get to Kuta beach you should rent a car or motorcycle that is many found in Bali.

The tariff for the motorcycle itself is from Rp 100,000,-up to Rp 200,000,-for one day. The fee for car rental costs from Rp 350,000,-up to Rp 500,000,-depends also by type of car to be rented.

In the holiday season, the local government will close the road for all types of vehicles to avoid traffic. Then all you have to do is park the vehicle you use far from the location, then proceed on foot to get to the location.

Beautiful tour in Kuta beach Bali
Kuta Beach is one of the favorite places for tourists and becomes a tourism center in Bali. To enjoy a beautiful sunset here is a good place.

This beach has a very nice coastline in Bali up to 5 kilometers. Because the waves are very ramps and the beach is spacious, then this beach becomes a comfortable and safe place for tourists who bring families to stay in Bali.

Kuta Beach is very awake from cleanliness so many tourists who love it and feel like staying at Kuta Beach.

If you want to get the activity, you can enjoy surfing and sunbathing.

Kuta Beach Bali is good for surfing activities because it has long waves, and the extent of white sand.

For beginner surfers If they do not have skateboarding, do not worry because in Kuta beach many are renting and the price is Berfariasi.

Don’t worry if you need instructors there too many will help to teach you to play skateboards. They are also very experienced so it will not make you worry if you want to play skateboarding.

Cost for an admission ticket and some facilities in Kuta beach
In general, tourist sites have the cost or price of tickets to enter the tourist area. But in Kuta beach Bali You do not need to spend the admission fee but it is free.

For tourists who carry vehicles such as motorcycles and cars will be charged for parking, for motorcycles it costs Rp 20000,-while for cars is Rp 5000,-

The parking capacity of Kuta Beach is not wide especially in the holiday period, then the condition will be crowded. If you go to Kuta Beach on the holiday in Maa should park the vehicle is a bit far from the parking location Kuta beach.

There are many facilities and amenities in Kuta Beach from the art market, shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels as well as various other supporters.

For those who want to shop souvenirs, you can visit the Centro Discovery Shopping Mall or Beachwalk Shopping Center which is located close to Kuta Beach.

Places to stay or hotels in Kuta Beach
When the afternoon will arrive, it will be a lot of tourists who will walk to the seaside to just wait for the beautiful afternoon sun in Kuta Beach. Many different kinds of hotels around Kuta beach that you can choose during the holidays.

This area of Kuta Beach is one of the most destinations for tourists in Bali who are looking for lodging with strategic location and affordable price.

Here are some hotels that have affordable rates and can be your choice if you want to spend the night around Kuta beach.

  1. Harris Resort Kuta Beach
    The hotel is located right by the beach with a four Star class hotel, so many are the choice for tourists. With the stay price of Rp 600,000,-for overnight.
  2. Best Western Kuta Beach
    It has luxury facilities but the cost of the stay is relatively cheap and located on the beachside and not far away with Legian art market. For overnight the cost you spent starting from Rp 400,000,-
  3. Adi Dharma Hotel
    The Hotel will not be unfamiliar with the tourists who often holiday to Kuta beach. With modern facilities, you can spend the night with a starting rate of Rp 700,000,-
  4. Hotel Karthi
    The Hotel is connected to Discovery Kartika Mall, so it’s easy to shop. With a nightly fee starting from Rp 300,000,-
  5. Grand Palace of Rama
    The hotel has a fairly cheap price although it includes a four-star hotel. To reach Kuta beach you only need to walk for 1 minute. The cost of stay starts from Rp 300,000,- will be very suitable for you who want to get a vacation with cost-saving and to come.

Such information when you will be on vacation to Kuta Beach Bali, hopefully, this can be your reference material in the future of vacation and activities in Bali.






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